The best Google tools for work

Gmail, Documents, Drive and Calendar for businesses. An all-in-one package with everything you need to improve productivity at work, and accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Business email with 30 GB storage. Gmail is compatible with Microsoft Outlook services, iOS and Android. Gmail also includes chat and video functions to improve the user experience.


Store, synchronise and share your files with 30GB storage per user which can be increased. Drive allows you to connect with your files wherever and whenever you need them,  automatically synchronising all your data.


Join meetings with online conferences by voice calls, chat or high definition video. Hangouts is the perfect tool designed to save time and money. You have access on any device.


Create and edit text documents directly on your browser, several users can work on the same document in real-time and all changes will be automatically saved.


Create spreadsheets and use them for any kind of content, from simple task lists to data analysis with graphics, filters and dynamic charts. Use the powerful functions and formulas of the spreadsheeets for your calculations.


Create and edit eye-catching collaborative presentations. Design presentations from scratch or use a template to work faster. Improve your presentations with videos, images, drawings and slow transitions, no software is required.


An easy way  to create a website for your team,  an intranet or website for your clients.  Sites allows all your important company documents to be in one shared place. Programming knowledge is not necessary.

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We define and design your IT framework, migrate your data and start with the development of the project. The implementation can be performed remotely at your convenience


We provide training hours in different languages, offering a flexible service adapted to the needs and schedules of your business, avoiding interruptions in your daily work routine.


Our complete technical service is available 24/7 by phone, email and Skype. We can help you to solve any problem at the time of your call in different languages. We answer your call in an average time of 10 seconds.


At Ozein, we offer implementation, training and support service on the cloud. Our aim is to help you get the most out of cloud technology to make your company and team more competitive.

Become more competitive with G Suite + OZEIN

Worry less

All your data is protected and controlled.

All the mandatory requirements fulfilled from one single place.

Continuous access to technical support to solve your more important problems.

Work easier

Get connected to your files, your emails and conferences even when you are out of the office.

A constant, stable and synchronised experience that will become familiar on your phone, tablet and desktop.

Co-create and edit documents in real time with your team.

On-line storage 1TB.

Work together

Review, create and collaborate at the same time with no inconveniences.

Access and organise meetings, webinars and conferences wherever you are with HD video.

A secure platform that allows you to use instant messaging with clients and verified suppliers.